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Colloction of Window Blinds

The price of window blinds in Dubai

window blinds are among the most popular curtains in the market. If we want to discuss the popularity of different types of Venetian blinds, we should give the most points to window blinds. These curtains, if combined with soft light in the interior decoration, can be a relaxing potion. If you use a little taste and try to implement stylish and artistic interior lighting, you can create a poetic and friendly atmosphere. So easily and at the lowest cost. The cost was discussed, surely many of you have this question in mind, how much is the price of window blinds? The price of window blinds in Dubai depends on various parameters.

One of the most important and influential parameters in the price of window blinds in Dubai is the type of window blades. window blades can be made of artificial wood or natural wood. There are different types of natural wood. As a result, the material of window blades can be considered an important factor in the price of window blinds.

Another important issue that determines the price of window blinds is the width and thickness of the window blades. These blades can be thin or thick and can be narrow or wide in terms of width. These two parameters together are determining factors in the price of window blinds.

Not all window blinds are waterproof and fireproof. These curtains can have different levels of resistance to sunlight, humidity and heat. Therefore, the durability of the window blinds is also an effective factor in its price. Naturally, the higher the resistance of the window blinds, the higher its price.

window blinds have two different mechanisms, manual and motorized. Motorized curtains can be electric or smart. In general, motorized window blinds are more expensive due to the high level of technology used. Naturally, the higher the level of technology used in the window blinds, the higher the price of the curtain will be.

The dimensions of the curtain, the brand and the country of the curtain manufacturer, and the warranty and guarantee all have an effect on the price of window blinds in Dubai. You can contact our experts to get the necessary information.

Installation of window blinds in Dubai

window blinds are very delicate curtains. These curtains must be installed carefully. If you don't pay attention to the delicacy and fragility of the blades while installing the curtain, the curtain blades may get damaged or not be placed on top of each other when closing. As a result, this carelessness will lead to the creation of a gap between the curtain blades and the path of light penetration into the interior space may be opened. For this reason, we recommend that you get help from installation experts to install window blinds. Our collection is ready to provide services in the field of installing window curtains in Dubai. If your geographical location is within the scope of our services, you can benefit from these services. For more information, contact our experts to get the necessary information.