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Colloction of Roller Blinds

The price of roller blinds in Dubai

Roller blinds are among the most expensive blinds in the market. These curtains have a more economical price compared to the classic curtains in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for economy and efficiency at the same time, we recommend you to buy roller blinds. However, roller blinds also have a high variety in price.

One of the most effective parameters in the price of roller blinds in Dubai is the material used in the manufacture and production of blinds. Different materials such as bamboo, mat, wood, vinyl, polyester and solid are used in the production of roller blinds. As a result, the price of roller blinds can be considered different according to the material used.

Roller blinds can have a manual mechanism or a motorized mechanism. It is obvious that the roller blind with its electric mechanism has a higher price than the smart type. These curtains have different sensors and enable remote light management. As a result, they are sold at a higher price.

The dimensions of the roller blind, the brand of the roller blind manufacturer, the quality of the technical parts, the thickness and weight of the curtain, and the benefit of the warranty all have an effect on the price of the roller blind in Dubai. You can contact our experts to know this price.

Installation of roller blinds in Dubai

Installing roller blinds seems like a simple task, but many times amateurs face many challenges for installation. In fact, the installation of roller blinds seems simple, but in practice it is not like that at all. Especially if you plan to install motorized roller blinds or smart roller blinds.

Accurate measurement of the curtain, determining the installation location in a way that is most efficient and creates the most safety is all important in the installation process of roller blinds. A small mistake on your part is enough to question the final appearance of the curtains. As a result, just buying beautiful and stylish roller blinds is not enough.

It is very important to install roller blinds with the help of professionals. Installing roller blinds in Dubai is one of the most important services of our collection. You can contact our experts to benefit from these services. Roller blind installation services in Dubai include installation of blinds with manual mechanism and motorized and smart mechanism. As a result, we specialize in installing any type of roller blinds. If your geographical location is within the scope of our services, you can benefit from these services.