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Motorized Curtains Dubai

Colloction of Motorized Curtains

The price of Motorized Curtains in Dubai

The price of Motorized Curtains compared to curtains that have a manual mechanism. more than. This issue has a logical basis. Certainly, the use of Motorized Curtains increases the useful life of curtains and leads to a reduction in depreciation and failure rates. As a result, the cost of repairs and maintenance is reduced and the durability of the curtain is increased. Therefore, buying an electric curtain will be a great economic saving for you.

The price of Motorized Curtains in Dubai depends on various parameters. The type of motor (upward, sideward or opening on both sides), whether the motor is wired or gearbox, motor power, motor speed and the brand of the motor manufacturer all have an effect on the price of this curtain. Of course, the more powerful the Motorized Curtains motor is, the price of the curtain will increase.

The use of some modern technologies such as Lutron or TTBUS technology also leads to an increase in the price of Motorized Curtains. In general, the higher the technology used in the electric curtain, the higher the price of the curtain.

The style of the curtain, the smartness of the Motorized Curtains, the type and number of sensors used, the quality and brand of technical parts, the battery capacity, the amount of noise and vibration of the motor and the dimensions of the curtain all have an effect on the price of the Motorized Curtains in Dubai. You can contact our experts to get advice on buying electric curtains and to know the price of these curtains.

Installation of Motorized Curtains in Dubai

These days, we see Motorized Curtains in homes, stores, offices and workplaces. Technology has entered the field of curtains with the aim of helping us humans to live a more comfortable life. In fact, the main mission of technology is to simplify life, and Motorized Curtains are installed in window frames with the same mission.

Installation of Motorized Curtains requires skill and expertise. Installing traditional curtains can be done alone with a little knowledge of curtain installation, but installing Motorized Curtains requires technological skills. For this reason, we recommend that you never install Motorized Curtains by yourself. If you make a small mistake during installation, the Motorized Curtains may become unusable. One of the most important services of our collection is electric curtain service in Dubai. You can contact our experts to get the necessary information about this service.