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Colloction of Window Curtains

The price of window curtains in Dubai

Window curtains cover a wide range of prices. So, if you ask a curtain specialist how much the price of window curtains is, he will certainly not give you a clear answer. Because this price is affected by various parameters. One of the most important parameters affecting the price of window curtains in Dubai is the curtain model and its sewing design. Shade roll curtains, zebra curtains, curtains O Roman, punch curtains, pleated curtains and honey comb shade curtains each have a different sewing method and this issue will directly affect the price of window curtains in Dubai.

The fabric used in the production and sewing of window curtains will definitely affect the price of the curtains. Luxury and durable fabrics are more expensive. Therefore, the curtains made with these fabrics will be more expensive.

The price of window curtains can be basically affected by such things as curtain dimensions, curtain stitching quality, curtain color stability, curtain decorations, curtain thickness, and whether it is manual or motorized. Although the quality of the technical parts of the curtain is also effective in this price.

Installation of window blinds in Dubai

Window curtains have different installation methods depending on the type of design and model they have. Some curtains have a simpler installation method and you need to have more skills and expertise to install some other window curtains. However, we recommend that you use the help of professionals to install any type of window blinds. It is enough to make a small mistake in the measurements and install the curtain a few degrees crooked, and all its beauty and grandeur will be destroyed. For this reason, you should get help from professional technicians in installing the curtains. The installation of window curtains in Dubai is one of our most important services in this collection, which is carried out under the supervision of experts. To benefit from these services, just contact our experts to get the necessary information.